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How To: Compile and Use Tesseract (3.01) on iOS (SDK 5)


  • I don’t have access to a Mac computer now (actually it has been 3 months) and I couldn’t update the guide to Xcode 4.5 (iOS 6), but the fine gentleman bengl3rt has done so and the updated script is available at: (I haven’t been able to test it, so some feedback on whether it works or not would be appreciated!)

I never thought that my last post would have so much audience. Among other things, it earned me 3 direct job interview offers (1 of  ’em from Google itself, maintainer of tesseract), an invite to write articles to a TI digital e-magazine and a few digital friends, but that’s something to discuss at other posts. Thank you!

Getting back to what really matters: last post was focused on cross compiling (potentially) any library for iOS (armv6/armv7/i386) and to use as an example I chose Tesseract, which was the library I was using on a work project. But the repercussion was so great and both Tesseract and iOS got newer versions that I’ve decided to write this post specifically about getting Tesseract compiled and using it on your iOS project.

As stated earlier, Tesseract has been officially launched at version 3.01 (that now uses an setup script and an improved configure script ) and iOS has received a major upgrade, version 5.0. As you may guess, these changes broke my script!

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